We recommend that you check the Internet speed at your ISP, whether the stated information about the Internet speed at your ISP is true, you can determine by passing our test of Internet speed.

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Recent measurements

Download (Mbps/s)Upload (Mbps/s)Ping (ms)Provider
85.2333.45158.80 Allo Communications LLC, US
0.3361.50 myLoc managed IT AG, DE
38.5351.6672.32 TeleMark Telekommunikationsgesellschaft Mark mbH, DE
27.8419.1352.10 COLT Technology Services Group Limited, FR
50.5215.40124.49 Single Digits, Inc., US
50.521.48122.48 Datacamp Limited, DE
45.737.9244.36 Telefonica Germany GmbH & Co.OHG, DE
43.0816.4774.00 WIND TRE S.P.A., IT
4.890.75194.62 servinga GmbH, DE
77.0314.75232.62 T-Mobile USA, Inc., US
14.5113.13208.30 T-Mobile USA, Inc., US
11.2444.23112.00 Telecommunication Infrastructure Company, IR
3.6129.91111.37 Telecommunication Infrastructure Company, IR
26.926.55294.58 Hivelocity Inc, ZA
1.0245.42114.59 AT&T Services, Inc., US
0.0013.83254.00 Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited, IN
47.5322.9251.00 Virgin Media Limited, GB
2.502.08281.00 Three Ireland (Hutchison) limited, IE
107.2143.0363.66 Deutsche Telekom AG, DE
42.358.71129.02 Cogeco Connexion Inc., CA
P4 Sp. z o.o., PL
12.147.8959.36 Kar-Tel LLC, KZ
17.0448.20 Swisscom (Schweiz) AG, CH
8.732.031073.98 The Constant Company, LLC, ZA
22.8617.3249.72 Stadtwerke Meerane GmbH, DE
38.2523.4250.36 Stadtwerke Meerane GmbH, DE
49.4410.63139.34 Cooperative de cablodistribution de l'arriere-pays, CA
35.2031.6541.68 Deutsche Telekom AG, DE
12.571.36149.38 Iran Telecommunication Company PJS, IR