We recommend that you check the Internet speed at your ISP, whether the stated information about the Internet speed at your ISP is true, you can determine by passing our test of Internet speed.

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Recent measurements

Download (Mbps/s)Upload (Mbps/s)Ping (ms)Provider
5.6368.93204.51 DSCI Corporation, US
3.82144.38 DSCI Corporation, US
88.1893.4157.54 JSC ER-Telecom Holding, RU
103.71104.02110.77 Salt Mobile SA, CH
3.233.58288.40 TEFINCOM S.A., US
51.1050.47246.60 Softbank BB Corp., JP
8.670.00594.40 Unknown ISP
103.7395.7546.40 Unknown ISP
87.16108.1164.86 PJSC Rostelecom, RU
22.4026.9577.50 GoldenTelecom Ukraine, UA
2.978.16157.50 Connect Communications, PK
3.068.01311.80 Connect Communications, PK
43.800.00172.41 Unknown ISP
59.830.00350.00 Unknown ISP
0.00 Unknown ISP
99.34103.6559.35 JSC ER-Telecom Holding, RU
104.73123.94114.83 TELEFONICA DE ESPANA, ES
26.600.00256.80 Unknown ISP
8.791.34136.00 Zwiebelfreunde e.V., DE
1.352.39500.00 Unithost Internet B.V., NL
28.18111.53214.11 Amazon.com, Inc., SG
1.545.21108.70 Pelephone Communications Ltd., IL
5.0222.91199.03 Race Online Limited, BD
8.197.56284.63 Broad Band Telecom Services Ltd, BD
4.5812.88216.09 aamra networks limited,, BD
13.486.65395.08 Race Online Limited, BD
6.4718.65207.24 aamra networks limited,, BD
15.861.22424.68 BDCOM-BD, BD