We recommend that you check the Internet speed at your ISP, whether the stated information about the Internet speed at your ISP is true, you can determine by passing our test of Internet speed.

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Recent measurements

Download (Mbps/s)Upload (Mbps/s)Ping (ms)Provider
146.70 Jefferson County Commission, US
128.10367.37148.05 Jefferson County Commission, US
2.180.00517.39 PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia, ID
4.050.00407.76 PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia, ID
48.1040.31143.26 Institute for Research in Fundamental Sciences, IR
79.7022.0676.00 Vodafone GmbH, DE
15.981.34277.00 Telenor Norge AS, SE
106.1473.3454.00 Kviknet ApS, DK
51.0651.1022.40 PJSC Moscow city telephone network, RU
0.29361.56 Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company, PH
44.950.55237.85 Converge ICT Solutions Inc., PH
14.290.70171.13 Hetzner Online GmbH, DE
6.637.6577.10 myLoc managed IT AG, DE
73.8559.55376.50 Two Degrees Networks Limited, NZ
74.5332.2970.60 JSC "ER-Telecom Holding", RU
84.5024.8272.54 JSC "ER-Telecom Holding", RU
24.5518.55117.06 Verizon Business, US
93.9529.87205.00 GorillaServers, Inc., US
37.0542.18192.58 Charter Communications Inc, US
27.58153.3163.30 British Telecommunications PLC, GB
14.206.41271.46 PT XL Axiata, ID
26.1042.1951.76 Lukasz Kalwinek trading as KALWINEK.NET, PL
15.4095.1752.17 Lukasz Kalwinek trading as KALWINEK.NET, PL
30.6644.5165.89 FIBRACAT Telecom, S.L.U., ES
103.0398.7298.20 FIBRACAT Telecom, S.L.U., ES
95.6488.8184.08 FIBRACAT Telecom, S.L.U., ES
99.3288.8394.28 FIBRACAT Telecom, S.L.U., ES
78.1884.56329.79 FIBRACAT Telecom, S.L.U., ES
24.3652.1969.98 JT (Jersey) Limited, JE
1.2718.52179.28 WestTel Ltd., KY